Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure Development & Maintainence

SYSTECNIC SOLUTIONS LLC is helping enterprises to assess their current IT Infrastructure and evaluate the need to upgrade to meet their business needs. We have well trained and experienced workforce for design, development, installation and maintenance of complex LAN / WAN / Wireless networks. When it comes to network infrastructure development we are providers of best in class technologies from JUNIPER, AVAYA, POLYCOM, CITRIX and NORTEL. We have experience in designing, implementation, testing and commissioning of structured cabling plants (data & voice) and fiber optic solutions for high speed connectivity and data transfer.

In today's increasingly complex business environments, the network is facing new challenges & is continuously under pressure for performance and needs to be reliable, secure, accessible and must offer more services than ever before. Network infrastructure has become a crucial tools for enhancing user productivity and increasing an organization's ability to grow and remain competitive. SYSTECNIC SOLUTIONS LLC offers a systemic approach for designing & building the Network Infrastructure. We help organizations to have integrated, secure, resilient networks that are adaptable to the changing requirements. This approach helps organizations to quickly and easily upgrade the systems that merge wireless, voice, video, and storage capabilities. Our industry-certified systems consultants and technical specialists continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills, bringing you the latest advances in network technology.

We offer the following infrastructure solutions:

Storage and Virtualization

A storage system also known as a storage array or disk array typically use special hardware and software along with disk drives in order to provide very fast and reliable storage for computing and data processing. Although Storage systems are complex, and may be thought of as a special purpose computer designed to provide storage capacity along with advanced data protection features, but at SYSTECNIC we make it very simple by providing an end to end solution.

We provide storage and virtualization solutions that comprise of:

  • Infrastructure consolidation - Optimize your computing assets, including data centers, applications, databases, servers, and storage, with a simple, cost-effective, flexible tiered architecture.
  • Server consolidation - Benefit from virtualization with comprehensive Server Consolidation and Virtualization Services that leverage powerful VMware software.
  • Data center consolidation - Identify risks and provide solutions that deliver significant operational improvements while minimizing business impact.
  • Storage consolidation - Efficient SAN, NAS and CAS solutions eliminate bottlenecks, optimize file server utilization, and boost performance while simplifying migrations and IP storage management.

Customers looking for efficient and effective ways to reduce their data center footprint and cost through server virtualizations and maximize the benefits of desktop virtualizations, SYSTECNIC is the right place for assistance. We can tailor our solutions as per your requirements, applying our skills and best expertise we've gathered through deployment, implementation and supporting virtual servers, storage and desktop environments for our clients over the years.

IP Telephony

At SYSTECNIC SOLUTIONS LLC we are dedicated to provide high quality IP-PBX/PABX solutions to businesses that are ready to take advantage of the latest advances in communication. We provide services for designing, installing, configuring, customizing and supporting of end to end communication solutions of well-known brands such as Cisco, Panasonic, NEC etc. through our experienced and dedicated technical team.

Our area of specialization in telecom solutions includes

  • PABX & IPBX.
  • Intercom.
  • VOIP.
  • Call Recording.
  • Call Monitoring.
  • IVR and Voice Recognition.

Data center solutions

Data centers are at the center of everything a business does, modern applications are becoming more and more demanding than ever before. IT operations are struggling to meet demand, manage costs and maximize uptime in the face of three key challenges

The increment in the uptake of cloud computing, business and government organizations are scrutinizing the data center to a higher degree in areas such as environment friendliness, security, availability and adherence to standards. SYSTECNIC SOLUTIONS LLC, has a forward looking philosophy that focuses to development of planned data centers which are scalable. We specialize in optimum utilization of modern technology to reduce the management costs and provide effective and optimum solutions.

We can offer turnkey data center solutions in the following key elements

  • Power and Lighting.
  • Security.
  • Cooling and Environmental
  • IT Infrastructure (Racks, Cabling).
  • Fire Suppression.
  • Housing and Containment.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Plants.
  • Support.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

We do backups because we know we have to in case we lose the primary versions of data and/or the systems that create and manage that data. It might happen that the original gets accidentally deleted or changed; also the possibility of system failure will be a top priority for many. That could be anything from a disk crash on a user’s device to a datacenter crushed by natural disaster.We offer a business continuity solution designed to prevent data loss and keep business critical applications available after server failures and serious disasters.

We provide the following range of platform, software and subscription based services.

  • Backup Consolidation Acquire a centralized Backup infrastructure to backup and restore your key applications in minutes, not days.
  • Virtual Infrastructure Backup Implement a ’set and forget’ backup solution for Virtualized environment.
  • Reduced costs Match infrastructure costs with efficient, cost-effective onsite solutions or low-cost monthly CLOUD based services.